Case Study
Andina is a Pre-Columbian inspired brand. I am very familiar with this type of art growing up in that region, however, I did extra research by studying Pre-Columbian art from the Museum of Gold in Bogota Colombia and also researching Ette Ennaka Indian style of art and pottery.
I sketched some possible imagery that I know is meaningful for the indigenous culture based on the study of the Popol Vuh - a narrative that recounts the mythology and history of the K'iche' people before they were colonized.  In the Popol Vuh, we learn about the Mayan creation myth and the story of the Hero Twins Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, represented here as a bird with two heads.  The womb, is two its right, with the souls inside the oval and the Gods around it. 
The target demographic for Andina are Millennials and Gen-X’ers that have an appreciation for handmade, eco-friendly, and fairly traded products.
The logo is representational of the mountains of the Andes - locally called "Cordillera de Los Andes" where a lot of the local indigenous population resides.
By utilizing both the cutting and engraving capabilities of a laser cutting system, I created this inlay for a wooden box.

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