I crave the pretty, the functional, and a design that captures integrity and, above all, everything fun!

Brand Awareness Flyer
Website Rebrand
Brand Guidelines
Electronic Sourcing Cover and Ad
Electronica 2022 Video
Experiential Design for Electronica 2022
Jellyglyph Branding
Social Media Iconography for Velocity
Mark VII Enterprises Website Re-Design
Commissioned Work Mark VII Enterprises is a construction management and development company that was in need of an update for their website. 
Political Posters
In view of the lack of human rights in the United States, I was inspired to create these posters for people to download and use for free. 
Solstice and The Veil
The Rabbit Hole Theater Icons
The Rabbit Hole Theater is a magical place where children go to grow and build confidence through pretend play. They also offer Pretend Play kits, Theater in a Box kits, and Birthday Party in a Box kits for creating magic at home.
The Coloring Book Adventures of Nina and Catalina
This project was a coloring book where 2 young girls go on fantastical adventures. For this, I interviewed 5 year olds and asked them where would they like their adventures to take place. The result, this book. it is funny, goofy, and every kid loved it. 
Por Abuela
Linkedin Headers for The Molo Group
Dilly Dally
Retro Hard Candy 2017 AIGA SHOW  Silver Award - Packaging
OPPD Designer Challenge
OPPD Designer Challenge UI/UX Designer Challenge Redesign OPPD’s Power Outage Map to improve customer Service and to transform the outage experience by providing timely and accurate information that customers trust.
Fury NFT
Azuki Work for Fury
Cool Cats Work for Fury
Bored Ape Work for Fury
Little Lemon Friends for Fury
Versus Concept Art
The Molo Group Staff Illustrations
These illustrations were created for the staff of the Molo Group. Each person has a unique feature that represents them. 
Bass Dentistry Illustration
These Indigo award-winning illustrations were made for The Molo Group's client Bass Dentistry with the intent of Making Dental Care More Delightful.
NFT Avatars
This project was requested by a client who wanted NFT-inspired avatars for employee pictures with color variations.
BTS Made Me Do It
During the summer of 2020, I was feeling cabin fever and did a lot of silly things, including BTS-based fan art. Here are some of my most embarrassing and most amazingly fun moments as an artist and a geek during that Summer. I admit I am a weeb and was inspired by Sailor Moon.  PS: Love yourself already. Army forever. 
Queen Nzinga
I chose to illustrate this woman because of her courage, strength, and determination. As artists, we have an obligation to speak our truth and show the world - with our creative, artistic, unique abilities - the beauty, the horror, and the complexity of who we are as human beings. I hope her story inspired you to live by your truth.
These are drawing of the Lost Generation. Some are family, some are friends' families. This is in their honor.
In this panorama?
This pandemic had me going in circles, so I illustrated constantly. Here is some of my work while trying to stay sane.  Wear a mask and get the vaccine, for all of our sanity, PLEASE. 
FARC: The Victims
FARC: The Victims is a tribute to the victims of the terrorist group FARC and their families, bringing to light the reality of their deaths.
Slay is a gender neutral makeup brand
Arboleda Wooden Jewelry
Arboleda Wooden Jewelry  A fair trade wooden jewelry company
Andina, an artisanal pre-columbian inspired brand
Artisanal pre-columbian inspired brand   2018 AIGA SHOW  Silver Award - Packaging
Saul Bass Inspired Movie Poster
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